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Willkommen Wingtra

We are very pleased to welcome Wingtra, a successful drone startup, to our portfolio. The world's largest manufacturer of commercial vertical takeoff and landing drones (VTOL) has successfully completed a Series B financing round of $22 million. The financing round was led by DiamondStream Partners, a globally leading venture capital firm investing in aviation companies. Wingtra is in the pole position to accelerate its growth with a new financing round, an expanded management team, and product innovations.

Who is Wingtra?

Wingtra, headquartered in Switzerland, is the world's leading provider of VTOL drone solutions for professionals in the fields of construction, infrastructure, mining, as well as urban planning and land management. Since entering the market in early 2017, Wingtra has partnered with the largest equipment dealers on all continents and has been selling mapping drones worldwide. In the summer of 2021, Wingtra released the second generation of its WingtraOne drone, the WingtraOne GEN II. The system is a leader in terms of reliability, versatility, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Was macht Wingtra interessant?

The WingtraOne VTOL drone, the company's flagship product, has become an impressive solution for aerial data collection in the market. The VTOL design means that the WingtraOne can take off and land almost anywhere, even in tight spaces or rough terrain, enabling extensive data collection. It is used by hundreds of companies and organizations such as CEMEX, Rio Tinto, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Kenya Red Cross in 96 countries. The drones conduct over 100,000 flights annually, mapping 18 million hectares of land and sea (equivalent to 13.6 million soccer fields).

In 2021, the team successfully launched its second generation of drones, the WingtraOne Gen II drone, which delivers superior 2D and 3D maps in survey-grade quality, enabling users of the data to make better decisions. It integrates the highest quality sensors into cutting-edge RGB cameras to create 3D models and assists in creating digital twins on a scale such that a single flight can digitize over 100 hectares at 0.5 in/px.

Where is the journey heading?

Maximilian Boosfeld, CEO and Co-founder of Wingtra, commented: "Our vision at Wingtra is to create a world where drones help people manage large parts of our planet in a more sustainable and efficient way. We have lowered the cost of using drones and increased data quality. This will help the industry plan better and fundamentally improve safety for people and the environment."

Wingtra has now strengthened its leadership team with four new industry experts to grow the company:

"Each of these executives has the right experience to propel Wingtra forward," said Maximilian Boosfeld. "They have all successfully taken multiple companies to the next level. With this funding round, the right employees, and a market-leading product, we are well positioned to accelerate the company's growth."

Wingtra is working to revolutionize the mapping workflow for surveying and mapping professionals, so they can do their work better and faster. Significant new features, camera integrations, and product launches are expected in the coming years.

We look forward to support the strong team in their further growth.