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Logo Symbol EquitypitcherThe makers at Equitypitcher are professional investors, entrepreneurs, and business people who started, supported, or administered many companies as well as possess a widespread international network.



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Erik Saager |
Finance Expert & Entrepreneur

he worked as officer in several international banks and has a vast network. Through his many years in international business in the finance sector, he has tight-knit connections to many corporations in different industries. He is an expert in financial structuring.

Priska Rösli
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Priska Rösli |
Economics & Tax Expert

certified economics and tax expert and experienced entrepreneur. Through her leading position in a well-known auditing corporation, she has a vast international network and contacts to important eco­no­mists and tax experts from around the world.

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Prof. Thomas Schmitt |
Entrepreneur & Economist

Is a tremendously well renowned economist. In the last decades, he has also been successfully active as an entrepreneur and maintains a wide-reaching network of entrepreneurial personalities. Through the establishment of the Technopark Aargau, he is well-known in the Swiss startup ecosystem and is actively involved in diverse startup advancement programs.

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Norbert Zeller |
Entrepreneur & Business Angel

has been successfully active in various management functions for over 20 years. He is a member of the StartAngels Network and invests professionally in startups. Furthermore, he accompanies SMEs and Corporate executives as an external coach in the development of robust strategies, in the development of new business areas, in mergers as well as in renovations.

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Bruno Sauter |
Economic expert

has many years of experience in leadership in a large decentralized organization. He shapes the collaboration with the economy, politics, and administration. His competence lies in economics, labor, and international contacts.

Dr. Klaudia Klaus
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Dr. Klaudia Klaus |
Finance expert

has profound expertise in asset management, institutional sales, fund sales in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. Her vast expertise comes from her positions with several international Blue Chip companies.

Sascha Horrig
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Sascha Horrig |

is an expert in business development and management, private equity and funding. He participated actively in the founding of several startups in several European countries.

Hermann Koch
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Hermann Koch |

is an entrepreneur with a specialization in business development. He started as a founder and later became a professional investor, and through these experiences, he has acquired a great understanding of both developing startups as well as venture capital and private equity. He manages an international network of entrepreneurs in the startup scene as well as to investors.

Joachim Metzner
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Joachim Metzner |

is an expert in international customs and foreign trade laws. As consultant for midsize companies and international corporations, as well as his positions within leading financial auditing companies, he has a vast knowledgebase across several industries.

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Stefan Schürpf |
Entrepreneur & Managment Coach

worked for 25 years in food and consumer goods marketing, in international corporations and Swiss KMUs. He spent the past 10 years as the CEO for a French group in Switzerland.

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Ruedi Haeny |
Industrial & Marketing Expert

Specialist in consumer goods marketing and company leadership. He worked in the company leadership of an international electronics corporation. He has a vast network of contacts through his work on the board of a large Swiss economic association.

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Kolja A. Rafferty |
Entrepreneur & Strategy Expert

an internationally experienced leader with strengths in analysis, strategy, and implementation. He has a large amount of international management experience and is known to be an expert strategist for digital transition and change management in startup scale-up and turnaround situations.

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Omar Lahyani |

is an entre­pre­neur with over 20 years of manage­ment and sales respon­si­bi­li­ty and an ex­pert for in­no­va­tive IT, cloud and mobile stra­te­gies. He was the CEO and founder of a global player for HR soft­ware that he later sold to a NASDAQ com­pe­titor.

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Andreas Plimpton |

is an expert for com­plex soft­ware and IT solu­tions since over 20 years. As a soft­ware archi­tect and foun­der of several soft­ware com­panies in the context of in­dus­trial appli­ca­tions, e-business, e-learning and mobile apps he has extensive know­ledge about tech startups.

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Mauro Lardi |
Entrepreneur & Lawyer

He is one of the co-founders of the Swiss lawyer asso­ci­ation. This allows him to find answers to a very wide array of law questions within his own professional network.

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Herbert Betschmann |
M&A & Finance expert

is a successful private bu­si­ness con­sul­tant with ten years of experi­ence. During his time in a lead­ing po­si­tion in a large Swiss Med Tech company, he over­saw one of the largest M&A trans­actions in Switzer­land.

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Michael Benes |
Economic expert

had in the last 15 years an insight into more than 200 companies as auditor and consultant in Switzer­land and abroad. He has access to a world­wide net­work of con­sul­tants in more than 150 countries.

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Adrian Gautschi |
Entrepreneur & investment expert

led the invest­ment con­troll­ing of a lead­ing con­sul­tant for pen­sion funds for 16 years and is well net­work­ed with inves­tors and asset ma­na­gers. He is focused on the de­ve­lop­ment of in­vest­ment stra­te­gies, in­vest­ment con­troll­ing and in­vest­ment committees.

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Franco Quinter |

is a visionary and innovative entre­preneur, which has success­fully founded and built several own com­panies. With his experience and industry­wide know­ledge­base and net­work in business and politics, he appears operat­ion­ally and stra­tegi­cally res­pon­sible for the deve­lo­pment of enter­prises and startups.

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Serge Zybach |
Former CEO

is an international leader with substantial general management experience. He was active in leadership of internationally active corporations over 15 years and has particular strengths in strategy develop­ment and - im­ple­men­tation, organi­za­tional develop­ment and change manag­ement as well as in operations management "

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Peter |
Real Estate & Education Expert

is accustomed to leading complex projects. In addition to his lengthy experience in the banking and education sector, he is actively involved in real estate development. As an organizational developer, he is comfortable in dealing with difficult situations with a calm and determined demeanor.

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Hans Blaser |

has built, led and success­fully sold one of the most success­ful engineer­ing com­pany`s in Switzerland. Through his numerous involve­ments in boards of com­panies from various sectors, he has very broad business knowledge as well as an extensive and very professio­nal network of entre­preneurs.

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Dr. Louis-Paul Wicki |
IT expert & Business Angel

Was for more than 15 years in the management of one of the most promising and listed Swiss IT company. In parallel to his outstanding business career, he has been sharing his knowledge as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences for over 10 years and is a successful business and startup mentor.

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Prof. Dr. Raoul Waldburger I
Industry expert

is an internationally practiced executive with 25 years of professional experience in various industries. After his successful time in the industry sector, he shifted his passion to education and now directs one of the most prestigious University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

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Michael A. Meyer I
Innovations & startup expert

after a successful time as international innovation manager at one of the world’s largest auditing firm, he decided to take a leading position at Technopark Zurich. Hence, he has managed to generate an extremely large and strong network within the startup industry.

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Peter Koller I
Catering & Retail Expert

is one of the most successful retail experts in Switzerland. He managed one of the most renowned department store group in Switzerland for over a decade, whereby he was able to secure relationships to a large number of important catering and retail managers in Switzerland.

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Thomas Wirth I
Strategy & Sales Expert

is an experienced manager with profound knowledge in the financial industry and in commerce. For over 15 years, he was in the management force of internationally active conglomerates, where he has developed strong skills in the fields of strategy development & implementation, in business development and operational management.

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Dr. Stephan Döhler |
Energy & Mechanical Engineering Expert

Renowned and experienced in the management of national and international companies, which are active in the energy and mechanical engineering industry. He was involved in the development of companies that today are among the leaders in their respective sector. Through his prominent position in the business industry, he was in intensively involved with politics and media. ­

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Philippe Hänggi |
Chief Investment Officer / Startup Mentor

is exceptionally entrepreneurial and has been active in the financial service industry for more than 20 years. As a startup mentor, he brings valuable experience and network. In his function as Chief Investment Officer at a renowned family office, his responsibility ranges from defining, implementing, and monitoring diverse investment classes. ­

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Dr. Christoph Sievers |
International Financial Expert

has 30 years of professional experience, which includes an over 10 years venture in Asia, Australia, Africa and America. He has led business units in Switzerland, India, and China, while also recruiting and coaching intercultural teams. He has in-depth knowledge of finance, investment and risk management, business process outsourcing as well in financing and insurance. ­

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Peter Mathein |
Sales and Marketing Expert

is a generalist with a focus on sales, marketing, and finance. He nurses a network, which extends to diverse industries and international borders. He was involved in the successful development of two startup companies and has over 15 years of management experience as CEO in the renewable energies, heating and furnace technology industry.­

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Iris Welten |
Member Board of Director and CEO

She has been responsible for the establishment of international strategies, organizational development, finance, capital markets, investor relations and corporate governance for over 20 years in various firms as CEO or Senior Executive. She has expertise and network in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

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Peter E. Braun |
Serial Entrepreneur

has over 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. As a founder and entrepreneur he completed two IPOs and accompanied several others as shareholder and advisor. Having invested in over 40 companies with his investment structure, Peter has build a vast network in various high-tech verticals and a broad base of co-investors.

Patrick Pfäffli
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Patrick Pfäffli |
Entrepreneur and marketing expert

is a specialist for market-oriented management and pricing. For 20 years, he was the managing director of a renowned, medium-sized consulting firm, where he advised well-known companies in a variety of different industries. During this time, he has developed a great network of CEOs and industry experts. Currently, he is active in building a small portfolio of companies, where he holds equity.

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Dieter Schulze |
Former CEO

is an international leader. As CEO and CFO of various Beverage corporates, he has extensive skills in General Management, Finance & Procurement, Governance and Risk Management.

Dr. Ole Wiesinger |

Is one of the world’s leading healthcare specialist. He is an absolute expert in the development of strategies for international corporations, especially in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, he brings a well-developed know-how as well as an international network to the team.


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