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The First Steps

The company is founded and first sales have been generated. What next? How will I survive in the market place with the right strategy and what is the right strategy anyway? Many Startups vanish quickly from the market and hardly anybody remembers them despite the good ideas, projects, or concepts they created. Even when there is an unfilled market niche, there is no guarantee a Startup will be able to establish itself. To help in this type of situation, the founders of concentrate on the essential parts. They set a strong foundation that does not only connect Startups with financial investors, it also helps with professional support to decide on the best company set up, structure, marketing, and sales. Active investors such as Business Angels, VC-Companies, institutional investors, and qualified private investors get access to all the necessary information and qualified deal flow on which to base their investment decisions. There is a significant reduction in time needed to investigate a company carefully, which frees up time for other activities.

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