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Logo Symbol is your gateway to interesting startups. The vetting process for a quality deal flow offers all the important information in regards to your due diligence next to proposing preselected companies. Simply put, we help you to make the best choices for your portfolio while saving you valuable time.



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We aim to present you with high-quality startups. We use a variety of sources to find interesting projects and creative entrepreneurs for you. Interesting companies those that are in the early stages and expansion stage: ( further information in the FAQ ) Those companies fill an existing need, present an answer to a question, improve on existing product and have proven themselves through their marketability, scalability as well as the ability to deliver measurable results.

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Due Diligence

Investing into startups is not free of risk. The highest risk is to invest before completing thorough research. Each company listed on has already passed a due diligence process. As professional investors, we have the necessary expertise and an exclusive network of industry experts:

  • 1 A company contacts and delivers important information about operations, their product and team, a comprehensive finance plan, a pitch-video, and a pitch-deck. We thoroughly analyze and verify the documents.
  • 2Before a startup is listed on we complete due diligence. This includes the verification of the “background people” and finances. This helps us to weed out any type of illicit activity and to decide whether the company truly has a chance to be successful.
  • 3Although we at carry out high quality due diligence to our best abilities, at the end of the day you are responsible for a thorough verification of any potential investment. To that end, Equitypitcher gives you any and all pertinent information to facilitate your investment decision. You have the ability to contact a startup company directly via the platform.





First impressions,
pre due diligence

  • Meeting in person or by telephone
  • First information
  • Feedback and discussion about the project within the network
  • Go / No Go decision about due diligence


Acquiring of information, rating

  • Business plan
  • Specialized consultant
  • Valuation
  • Participation strategy
  • Go / No Go decision about online setup


Fundraising & Pitch,
going online

  • Create fundraising campaign
  • Create pitch
  • Technical development, realization
  • Go online


Browse, show interest

  • Exchange of information
  • Real world contact with startup
  • Your due diligence
  • Term Sheet
  • Contract & investment
  • Continuous reporting to you if desired


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Our conditions depend on your success:

  • 1,5 % Transaction Fee
  • 20 % performance fee once the investment returns a minimum 5% annually


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Equitypitcher performs careful due diligence; however; there is no guarantee for completeness or responsibility for the investment. Each investor has to perform their own verification and be aware that investments in startup companies carry a risk up to a total financial loss.

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