A revolutionary method for using corn straw
Founded:  2014
Segment:  Agrar Tech
Location:  Fribourg, Switzerland
Website:  www.cormo.ch

Company Profile

CORMO AG (formerly SORBA Absorber GmbH), headquartered in Friborg, is a specialized producer of substitute raw materials from corn straw. Cormo has developed a patented process that can produce the products TEFA and BABS from corn straw residues.

TEFA is a full-fledged peat substitute and is ideal as a structural material in plant substrates as well as cover soil for mushroom cultivation. BABS has similar characteristics as charcoal, polystyrene or superabsorber polymers. The unique properties of the material enable new applications in the areas of plant substrates (extension of casting intervals), insulation and exhaust air purification (removal of ammonia from animal husbandry).


2018 / Cormo USA invests $ 29.5M to establish operations in Rushville

The first US production plant will be construct on 10 acres in Rushville’s Commerce Park.

2018 / Cormo goes USA

Cormo AG is expanding into the USA through its first joint venture.

2018 / Sorba Absorber GmbH becomes Cormo AG

Following the successful completion of the financing round, Sorba Absorber GmbH will be renamed Cormo AG. The new name and the changed corporate structure supported the company in its successful internationalization.

2017 / Serge Zybach becomes a member of the Board of Directors of SORBA

With Serge Zybach, SORBA has gained an internationally renowned General Manager (including Syngenta) as an active member of the Board of Directors.

2016 / SORBA runs R & D projects with Swiss research institutions

A collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Friborg concerns the development and testing of a new filter for the absorption of ammonia and odors from the exhaust air of animal halls. A collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences concerns the replacement of peat.

2016 / SORBA opens its first production plant and supplies the first industrial customers

Alsace is ideally suited as the first location due to its geographical location and the above-average proportion of maize cultivation. The company Ricoter AG mixes the SORBA products in own brands and then supplies them, among others, to the major distributor Coop.

2014 / Foundation of Sorba Absorber GmbH


Stefan Grass

Stefan is the founder and CEO of Cormo and has strong strengths as a conveyor of ideas and as a developer. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of California and is an ETH agrarian engineer with over 30 years experience in business development and strategy development in the agricultural sector.

EquityPitcher Mentor

"CORMO has the potential to completely replace the environmentally harmful mining of peat"

-Serge Zybach, fmr. Head of Field Crops Syngenta-



Swiss Agritech startup to establish production plant in the US

Startupticker.ch am 13. May 2019

Through its subsidiary Cormo USA, the Freiburg based Cormo AG specializing in transforming cornfield waste into sustainable products is expanding its footprint on American grounds.


Swiss AgTech Company Picks Indiana For First U.S. Production

Business Facilities am 06. May 2019

Cormo USA Inc. will invest approximately $29.5 million to establish operations in Rushville, IN, creating up to 250 new, high-wage jobs by the end of 2023. The company, which uses technology to turn corn field waste into sustainable products, was incorporated as a joint venture between Switzerland-based Cormo AG and Florida-based Sustainable Projects Group Inc. in 2018.


Sustainable Projects Group Inc. Agrees to Enter into Joint Venture with Cormo AG

Bloomberg am 03. Oktober 2018

Sustainable Projects Group Inc. has agreed to enter into a joint venture with Cormo AG to assist in the business development of Cormo’s operations in United States. Cormo is in the business of producing and developing peat moss replacement and natural foam products and technologies.


CORMO ABSORBER - Ammonia filter from corn stover

Swiss Cleantech Report am 10. Januar 2017

When livestock holdings and sewage treatment plants release ammonia, this air pollutant is perceptible as an unpleasant smell. CORMO AG (Biel/Bienne) has developed an innovative ammonia filter that uses a renewable raw material: the leftovers from harvested corn. Neighbors of poultry farms, pig farms, sewage works and composting plants are only too familiar with the pungent smell of ammonia.