The new standard in authentication
Founded:  2016
Segment:  Cyber Security
Location:  Zurich, Switzerland
Website:  www.futurae.com

Company Profile

Futurae was founded in 2016 by the Systems Security Group of ETH Zurich. Futurae's goal is to make the authentication process easier and more secure for users and businesses. Futurae offers companies an authentication suite with AI-based authentication and regulatory-compliant products (such as PSD2). These products provide increased productivity and an improved user experience for both employees and customers.


2019 / Partnership with Alprockz and inacta

Alprockz AG and inacta AG integrate authentication from Futurae Technologies AG to increase security and optimize the digital customer experience

2018 / Successful completion of the financing round

Futurae Technologies receives CHF 2 million to drive change in the secure authentication landscape.

2018 / Partnership with Procivis and Amnis Treasury Services

Futurae announces partnerships with Swiss e-government specialist Procivis and Swiss SME Forex marketplace provider Amnis Treasury Services.

2018 / Gartner selects Futurae for `` Cool Vendor 2018`` in Identity and Access Management

2018 / Partnership with Ergon - newly integrated in Airlock

2017 / Acquisition of the first major customer

In the future, a large company will rely on the technology of Futurae in various applications.

2017 / Acquisition of the first customers

2016 / Foundation of Futurae Technologies AG

Futurae is founded by ETH Zurich security researchers as an ETH spin-off.


Dr. Claudio Marforio

Claudio is an expert in mobile security and focuses on business development and technology at Futurae. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science & Information Security from ETH Zurich, where he later obtained his doctorate in Computer Science.

Sandra Tobler

Sandra is responsible for strategy and business development within the company. She has over 12 years of experience in IT management, business development and contracting and has an extensive network in Switzerland and the US.

Dr. Nikolaos Karapanos

Nikolaos is responsible for the research and development of innovative technologies and security at Futurae. After completing his master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on information security, he completed his doctorate in computer science at the ETH Zurich and has practical experience, i.a. at Credit Suisse.

EquityPitcher Mentor

"Futurae is fundamentally shaping the Identity Access Management infrastructure in the finance and insurance sectors through its novel and human-focused cybersecurity products."

-Thomas Hilgendorff, CEO DIventures-



Futurae Technologies: Curbing Cyber Risks

Insightssuccess Business Magazine am 6. Mai 2019

Futurae Technologies: Curbing Cyber Risks with Passwordless Logins and Strong Authentication that without bothering the user. With advancements in technology propelling forward at breakneck speed, major security concerns are also on the rise.

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inacta integriert die Authentisierung von Futurae Technologies

Swiss Finance Startups am 4. April 2019

Das führende Schweizer IT-Consulting-Unternehmen und Blockchain-Dienstleister, die inacta AG, wählt das Zürcher Cybersecurity-Unternehmen Futurae Technologies, um eine sichere und nahtlose Authentifizierung in Tokengate zu gewährleisten.


Futurae erhöht die Sicherheit bei Online-Transaktionen

BILANZ am 31. März 2019

Futurae ermöglicht sichere Transaktionen, indem der Benutzer zweifelsfrei anhand der Umgebungsgeräusche identifiziert wird. Spezielle Hardware braucht es dazu nicht.


Alprockz AG sichert ihre ROCKZ-Plattform mit benutzerzentrierter Authentisierung von Futurae Technologies AG

Futurae Press and Events am 18. Februar 2019

Alprockz, der Anbieter der Krypotwährung ROCKZ, die durch den Schweizer Franken gedeckt ist, stärkt die Sicherheit ihrer ROCKZ-Plattform weiter, indem sie Futurae Technologies als starken Authentisierungspartner wählt.

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Sandra Tobler von Futurae Technologies: Eine von hundert Digital Shapers.

Handelszeitung am 25. Oktober 2018

Eine der Digital Shapers ist Sandra Tobler. Ihre Cybersecurity-Firma Futurae Technologies macht Webportal-, E-Banking-, Mobile- oder IoT-Gerätelogins sicherer. Ohne dass es der Nutzer ­bemerkt. «Heute, da Leute immer wieder dieselben Passwörter nutzen und Arbeits-E-Mails für private Anwendungen angeben...


Procivis und Futurae partnern bei der Authentisierung für digitale Identitäten

MoneyToday am 24. Oktober 2018

Zwei Startups verstärken sich gegenseitig mit Know-how und Technologie – und öffnen dadurch neue Türen. E-Government-Spezialist Procivis und Authentisierungs-Innovator Futurae legen ihr Know-how und ihre Technologien im Bereich Authentisierung zusammen. Die Partnerschaft verfolgt das Ziel, die auf künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) basierende...

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Swisspeers to use Futurae authentication

Futurae Press and Events am 17. Januar 2018

The two technology companies Swisspeers and Futurae have agreed to cooperate. Swisspeers is an independent crowdlending platform that allows companies to raise debt directly from investors - without the intervention of a financial institution. With the Futurae integration from January 18, Swisspeers will be offering its platform users an authentication solution that fulfills the highest security requirements while also providing unparalleled user-friendliness.

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Sherpany and Futurae in Collaboration

Futurae Press and Events am 18. Dezember 2017

The technology startups Sherpany and Futurae, both leaders in their fields, are collaborating with the goal of giving executive committees quicker and easier access to their meeting management tool. Executives will benefit from this collaboration, which will enable them to access their meeting documents in Sherpany Boardroom without the tedious process of entering a six-digit mobile code – and with even greater security.