Infrastructure Management for Smart Cities
Founded:  2016
Segment:  Smart City
Location:  Hamburg, Germany
Website:  www.ilocator.com

Company Profile

The ilocator GmbH is a smart city solution provider and was founded in 2016 in Hamburg. Smart Cities and their service companies save up to 30% of their maintenance budget by using the proprietary sensors and the online collaboration platform.

As such, ilocator manages the service and maintenance of physical infrastructure assets and creates transparency for various organizations working together for this purpose.


2018 / ilocator completes further round of financing

EquityPitcher was able to make the first contact between Energie360 and ilocator. The Zurich-based group takes the entire financing round.

2018 / Successfully completion of the Financing Round

Through the cooperation with EquityPitcher, ilocator can successfully conclude its financing round.

2017 / ilocator receives very positive customer feedback

ilocator's customers were interviewed by an auditing firm about the cooperation with ilocator. The feedback is outstandingly positive.

2017 / 500.000 gullies „under Management“

locator is developing well. The system is already servicing more than 500.000 gullies.

2016 / Foundation of iLocator GmbH


Henrik Michaelsen

Henrik is a software specialist and serial entrepreneur. Within the company, he is responsible for strategy and development. He has extensive knowledge in IT and business development and attended i.a. the Harvard Business School.

Niels Heeser Nielsen

Niels, the CTO of ilocator is an experienced hardware engineer. He has decades of experience in industrial engineering and holds a Master´s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Aalborg University.

EquityPitcher Mentor


"Ilocator already has 30 customers in 3 different countries who are actively shaping the future of digital infrastructure management."

-Peter E. Braun, Board Member EBAN (European Business Angel Network)-


Energie 360° investiert in Entwickler von Smart-City-Software

Energie 360° am 13. Dezember 2018

Der Smart Energy Innovationsfonds von Energie 360° unterstützt Start-up-Unternehmen, die einen Beitrag zu einer sinnvollen und intelligent vernetzten Energiezukunft leisten. Neu beteiligt sich der Fonds an der ilocator GmbH, die Produkte für Smart Citys entwickelt. Ihre Lösung ermöglicht es, Infrastrukturen digital zu verwalten – also beispielsweise Dolen digital zu erfassen und die Wartungsintervalle mittels lernender Software zu optimieren.