Dave Hengartner, Reto Wenger, Vinzenz Leuenberger, Ralph Hartmeier
Zurich, Switzerland

In a nutshell

rready is an innovation-as-a-service provider that empowers companies to implement and scale intrapreneurship and innovation. The solutions were developed at Swisscom under the GETKICKBOX brand and now the GETKICKBOX team is founding their own startup, rready AG. The first product "KICKBOX" offers an online SaaS platform, a physical toolbox and an innovation ecosystem. With these elements, they support employees in developing innovations in their company through new products or services, while supporting the culture of innovation. The rready platform already complements this solution with other complementary programs with the topics "Continuous Improvement" or even "Feedback" in order to be able to offer a broad range of services. Their common goal: to use software products to promote the innovative power of employees, structure innovation processes and therefore unlock the company's greatest resource.
rready aims to become the leading SaaS platform for automating innovation processes in large enterprises.

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