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Image logo CORMO AG
Company Look at CORMO
Headquarter Fribourg
Country Switzerland
Industry Agri- Tech
Phase Market Entry
successful funded 600.000 CHF

CORMO has developed and patented a process to develop two completely new materials from maize straw- TEFA (100% peat substitute) and BABS (Organic superabsorber).

Image Logo Geld für Flug
Firma Look at Geld-für-Flug
Headquarter Wiesbaden
Country Germany
Industry Legal-Tech
Phase Market Entry
Succesful Funded 900.000 CHF

"Geld Fuer Flug" allows passengers who have missed their flights to ask for their money back in a quick and uncomplicated way- regardless of what their reason for the cancellation is.

Image Logo iLocator
Company Look at priaid
Headquarter Hamburg
Country Germany
Industry Smart city
Phase Marketentry
successful funded 800.000 CHF

Through iLocator`s smart maintenance approach, smart cities and their service contractors save up to 30% using iLocators solution.

Image Logo YukkaLab
Company Look at YukkaLab
Headquarter Berlin
Country Germany
Industry FinTech
Phase Expansion Stages
successful funded 1.300.000 CHF

Fact-Based actionable insights to make better-informed investment decisions. Minimize drawdowns. Improved performance.

Image Logo Xatena AG
Company Look at Xatena AG
Headquarter Zug
Country Switzerland
Industry Digital market place in health sector
Phase Market launch
successful funded 1.100.000 CHF

Vertically aligned marketplace for the healthcare industry integrating digitized business processes.

Image Logo ROOMZ SA
Firma Look at ROOMZ SA
Sitz Fribourg
Country Switzerland
Industry ICT
Phase Internationaler Scale-Up (Second Stage)
successful funded 2,100,000 CHF

ROOMZ offers solutions that enable modern and efficient workplace management.

Image Logo Futurae AG
Company Futurae AG
Headquarter Zürich
Country Schweiz
Industry Cyber Security
Phase Markteintritt
Successfull funded 2.000.000 CHF

Futurae has the goal to make the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies.

Image Logo der Vestr AG
Company VESTR AG
Headquarter Zürich
Country Switzerland
Industry FinTech
Phase Markteintritt
Successfull funded 2.000.000 CHF

VESTR facilitates the creation and life-cycle management of Actively Managed Certificates, a fast and cost-effective way of replacing investment funds.

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