12. April 2019 by kmoeller 0 Comments

Come together 2019

With more than 100 guests, the equity pitcher "Come together 2019" was a thoroughly successful evening. 

In the foreground of the EquityPitcher "Come together" is the mutual Exchange between the EquityPitcher network and the portfolio companies. We are very pleased that this year again interesting and helpful contacts for our startups have been established.

We'd like to thank all guests, startups as well as the panel participants for the great evening. It is great to have people in our EquityPitcher family who support us and share our goals, values and motivation. A special thank you goes to Prof. Thomas Schmittwhich, with a short presentation, provided the impetus for the highlight of the evening, where Bruno Sauter, Adrian Gautschi and Philippe Hänggi a top-class panel discussed on the topic "The importance of the growing asset class venture capital for the Swiss economy", gegeben hat.

The central insight of the evening was: The importance of venture capital is growing and is well on the way to establishing itself as a respected asset class. This insight and the positive feedback show that we are on the right track with our philisophy and the Initiation of our second find, can look positively into the future!