How we invest

Wir investieren in erfolgsorientierte Gründer, die weltverändernde Technologien einsetzen um disruptive Lösungen zu entwickeln und helfen ihnen durch Kapital, Know-how und Netzwerk zu wachsen.

Early-growth Startups

Post-seed startups

We focus on Early-Growth tech startups, primarily from Series A onwards, which have a proof of concept and can demonstrate promising initial traction in the market through an innovative business model.



In general, we look at a wide range of different companies and operate independently of industry sectors. Exceptions are the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, which we currently do not cover.

DACH Region

DACH Region

We want to be as close as possible to our startups. In order to use our network effectively and goal-oriented, we focus with our current portfolio on the DACH region.


An active network creates added value

Our goal is to support the growth of the startups in our portfolio in the best way possible. We are aware that every product must first be developed and then successfully positioned on the market. As active investors, we therefore carry out a needs and network analysis as part of the due diligence process and thus evaluate the added value we can offer the founders.

Industry network

Access to decision makers in the respective target market is a decisive competitive advantage. Our startups have access to a wide range of experienced industry experts. They provide support with their know-how and open up their network to multipliers and potential customers.

Entrepreneur network

It is important that startups avoid making mistakes that others have already done. So why not learn from each other without losing entrepreneurial freedom. We promote the exchange within our portfolio as well as to established entrepreneurs from our network, who have already gone the way from founding to a successful exit.

Investor network

Founders of startups concentrate best on the success in the operative business. This is why we prepare our portfolio early on for follow-up rounds and open up our investor network to help find strategically relevant investors. Together to a successful exit.

“Through the mediation of EquityPitcher, Ole Wiesinger, former CEO of the Hirslanden Group, has joined our board of directors and now actively supports us with his experience and know-how.”

Dr. Tobias Wolf, Co-Founder OnlineDoctor

“EquityPitcher has helped us in three ways. Firstly as an extremely competent sparring partner for strategic issues, secondly as a spider in the network and thirdly as a supportive investor.”

Benno Marbach, Co-Founder Guru

“EquityPitcher has helped us a lot to transition from a service company to a become a scaleable product company with key USP’s”

Martin, Founder und CEO von Navus

“EquityPitcher has been a brilliant partner to our business. If you look at the knowledge and network of the EquityPitcher Community, it really speaks for itself. We are very grateful to be able to count us to our most valuable partners.”

Rico, CEO und Co-Founder of vestr

“EquityPitcher has proven an invaluable partner, due to their strong network in der financial services industry in particular. They help us opening doors and connecting us to key stakeholder on C-level.”

Sandra Tobler, CEO und Co-Founder Futurae

“EquityPitcher is more than just an investor for us. Hermann and Sascha have become friends for us over the years that we have been working together, with whom we can share many things of a business and private nature.”

Dr. Torben Antretter , Co-Founder RightNow

“Besides the capital EquityPitcher has always helped us to develop our business models and business ideas in order to grow our business.”

Roger Meier, CEO und Co-Founder Roomz

What we stand for


We are honest with ourselves and with others, always with a positive intention. We see the world as it really is, not as we wish it to be.


We have consistency in what we say, what we do and who we are. We always act reliable, responsible, accountable and inventive.


We are a team of teams working hard to support the startup ecosystem in Europe. Trust, mutual motivation and honest reflection are our principles.


Wir sind mutig und sehen gute Risiken als einen notwendigen Bestandteil unternehmerischen Handels. Dabei verstehen wir, dass dies bedeutet, dass wir manchmal scheitern werden. Wir lernen aus unseren Fehlern, wir wiederholen sie nicht und wir streben ständig danach uns zu verbessern, so dass in Summe der Erfolge gegenüber den Misserfolgen überwiegen.


In order to build sustainable success, the long-term has to prevail over the short-term. We see the cooperation with investors, partners and founders as a marathon - not a sprint.