Contacts, Know-How & Capital

The founders of EquityPitcher have several years of experience both as investors and entrepreneurs. Therefore, they do not only know what the right decision is, but have lived through it themselves. This valuable knowledge has helped startups set the right track, right from the start, as working with EquityPitcher ensured the three most important requisites for successful growth: Contacts, Know-How and Capital!

We use our network, you should too!

Our startups can access our network of experienced industry expert. They support you with their know-how, promote your success and are also at your side, even if something fails. We stick together and seek solutions together. Startups using EquityPitcher’s network will find open doors everywhere, new opportunities, and most importantly, a competitive advantage in acquiring new customers.

Faster development with lower learning costs!

We understand that every product and service needs to be developed first and then successfully sold on the market. During this process, it is important that startups avoid learning costs that others have already paid. So why not learn from each other without losing the entrepreneurial freedom! We, our network, and the other start-ups in the EquityPitcher portfolio are happy to assist you as a sparring partner!

Our start-ups focus on scaling!

We believe that you, as an entrepreneur, need as much freedom as possible in order to develop. Having to go through lengthy and expensive fundraising processes again and again distracts you unnecessarily from the operative business. This is why we prepare our portfolio for follow-up rounds, provide growth capital, and help them attract the strategically relevant investors they need. We are in this together until the successful exit!


Is EquityPitcher the right partner for your startup? We are open for a wide range of different companies and are industry agnostic. The only exceptions are the pharmaceutical and biotech startups, which we currently do not cover. The following requirements should be fulfilled for your startup:

  • Legal structure domiciled in Europe (focus on DACH region)
  • Proof of Concept achieved
  • Post Seed
  • Innovative & promising business model

Does your startup meet these criteria? Congratulations: Then send us your pitch deck!

We work with investors like:

Our approach

The selection process and the support concept of EquityPitcher are consistently geared towards the success of innovative startups:

Deal Flow & Evaluation

Time is money: Through our structured evaluation process, we quickly and effectively screen the most promising startups. These companies benefit from our broad experience as we screen every year over 1,000 pitch decks from all over Europe and thus meet the most exciting teams and people.

Commitment & Support

Good advice is (elsewhere) expensive: we specifically scout startups which utilize and profit from our network. Without restricting the freedom of our entrepreneurs, the entire EquityPitcher team provides startups with extensive expertise and contacts, whereby our unique industry expert network proofs to be of great value to passionate entrepreneurs.

Fund to Scale & Exit

Staying Focused: Startup founders should place their focus on operational success. When capital is needed, we provide our portfolio companies access to the entire EquityPitcher investor network. We not only participate in the current financing round, but also accompany the management in the subsequent growth rounds – this all the way to their successful exit.


EquityPitcher offers professional investors access to the venture capital asset class without having to set up their own in-house startup desk. Private, qualified investors and innovation-striving companies which invest in our portfolio companies, benefit from a strong financial partner and a proven hands-on support concept. EquityPitcher is the ideal partner for following investors:

  • Business Angels
  • Asset management firms
  • Family Offices
  • Pension Funds
  • Corporates and SMEs

We look forward to an exciting exchange of cooperation possibilities! Click here for the contact form.