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Fresh 45 million for tech startups

The venture capital firm EquityPitcher AG successfully closes its second fund. This fund invests specifically in startups from the DACH region and already counts 20 portfolio companies from 12 different industries. In all its investments, EquityPitcher focuses on personal support for the startups and gives them access to a broad-based industry, entrepreneur and investor network.

In recent decades, the landscape of startups in Europe has evolved enormously, becoming an agile driver of innovation in this country. In order to keep these innovations on a high level, the crucial success factors capital, know-how and network are needed. This is where EquityPitcher comes in, offering promising startups from the DACH region not only capital but also a network of renowned industry experts, investors and exit partners.

Network-driven venture capital closes second fund

EquityPitcher launched its first fund in 2018 and launched its second fund in 2020, which closed in September of this year. A third fund is already in planning. On board are well-known professional and institutional investors who trust the young but at the same time first VC fund from Liechtenstein. EquityPitcher, which as a VC firm has itself taken the path of a startup, wants to build on this success and relies on a network-driven investment process. This has been part of EquityPitcher's identity since its founding in 2016.
«We are very pleased that we were able to successfully close our second fund despite the current market economic events and that we have received the trust of the investors. We expect the trend of this alternative asset class to continue to grow and are convinced that our startups will play a decisive role in shaping the development of the economy," emphasizes Hermann Koch, founding partner of EquityPitcher.

Monetary incentives are no longer enough for startups

EquityPitcher believes that the capital invested in startups is one of many success factors. Equally important for startups are value drivers that sustainably support their operational growth over a long period of time. In addition to capital, EquityPitcher therefore connects startups with the broad network of founders, industry experts and co-investors as well as potential customers. This creates mutual trust and is the basis for the personal and professional relationship that EquityPitcher maintains with the startups.

"Startups of today are looking for investors who bring additional value besides capital. Through our network to diverse leaders in the DACH region, we are able to proactively support our portfolio companies in their scaling phase and the associated customer acquisition. This approach has helped us to enjoy a positive reputation among founders as well as co-investors as an investor who likes to be seen in the shareholder base," says Sascha Horrig, Founding Partner Partner at EquityPitcher.

The network-driven approach has caught on with the founders. Thus, Sandra Tobler, CEO of Futurae, is also convinced of it: "EquityPitcher is a great partner for us. They have opened doors to various potential customers and their decision makers, which is a real added value for us and has allowed Futurae to grow further."

Swiss VC innovate thanks to change in the ecosystem

EquityPitcher has shown that their model works. In the future, the network will be expanded further and the networking processes will be optimized with the aim that the portfolio startups can benefit from this. In addition, the VC is also working on other unconventional methods to offer startups even more added value. Among other things, a job platform was launched during the year, which consolidates the vacancies of the portfolio startups in one place and thus makes it easier to find suitable specialists. 

 "Our vision is to invest in the most promising startups that offer disruptive technologies and innovative solutions to solve real and relevant problems. Only if we provide real value to the startups, they can grow with us. We work hard and with full commitment to achieve this," adds Andrea Buhofer, Managing Partner of EquityPitcher.

Sascha Horrig

Sascha Horrig

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Andrea Buhofer

Andrea Buhofer

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Hermann Koch

Hermann Koch

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