Jahresrückblick 2019 auf Zeitung als Titelseite
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Looking back on 2019

Review of the year 2019

Today we look back on an exciting, labour-intensive and above all successful year 2019. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, dear founders, investors, advisors and partners, for the trust you have placed in us and for the valuable cooperation. Your support has made a significant contribution to our further development as a venture capital company. In the following you will find an overview of the highlights that have shaped our year 2019. This certainly includes our annual "EquityPitcher Come Together", which was again a great event in 2019 with over 100 participants. One of the most important highlights was certainly the launch of our second fund, through which the first investments were already made. In the course of the year we also established and promoted further valuable relationships with important institutions and co-investors, with whom we were able to further enhance our standing in the market.

Highlights Portfolio Startups

RightNow, was able to celebrate the establishment of new verticals, the acquisition of a start-up company and the conclusion of another successful financing round. The new shareholders now include the founders of the travel platform Trivago. Futurae benefits from the new PSD2 regulation and was able to convince several well-known customers of its products. In addition, Sandra Tobler was voted one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Switzerland by the Handelszeitung. ROOMZ closed another financing round and is now expanding as the Swiss market leader throughout Europe. Xatena was able to multiply its transaction volume from approximately CHF 8 million to over CHF 60 million in 2019 alone. Cormo has ventured into the USA through a joint venture. At the same time, the state of Indiana has promised subsidies of 30 million USD for Cormo USA. vestr hat mit Julius Bär einen grossen Ankerkunden gewinnen können. YukkaLab hat es geschafft, der erste Partner der neuen avaloq Plattform zu werden. Nach anfänglichen Sales Schwierigkeiten im Jahr 2019 konnten iLocator and Navus both successfully adapted their business model in order to further accelerate their growth.

We are very proud of the fact that ALL our portfolio companies - which contradicts all existing statistics - have developed positively! A further statement is that these 10 portfolio companies have received a total of more than CHF 27 million in fresh capital since the beginning of 2018, which gives an additional boost to the growth of each individual company.


First successes with new portfolio companies

The leading Swiss teledermatology provider from St. Gallen was able to raise CHF 2 million in fresh capital in 2019. The greatest success is certainly the subsequent successful expansion into Germany. Thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement with the Professional Association of German Dermatologists, more than 150 new dermatologists were attracted to the OnlineDoctor platform just a few weeks after market entry!

The first gaming start-up in our portfolio successfully completed a CHF 3 million financing round. Co-investors include Ringier Digital Ventures, Alpana Ventures, Swiss Founders Fund and Wingman Ventures. AirConsole is making great progress in the B2B area and focuses on the implementation in TV boxes (e.g. partnership with Swisscom).

Customer service by customers is the motto at Guuru, which received CHF 2.7 million in fresh capital in 2019. EquityPitcher is a joint venture between investee, Swiss Post, MS Direct Group, and Wayra UK. Guuru was able to convince many new customers in 2019 and thus increase its revenues by over 150% from Q2 to Q3 alone.


Outlook 2020

In 2019 we have tested a total of over 1000 start-ups. Thanks to the good preparation, our deal pipeline is full to bursting with potential deals for 2020.

We are currently focusing on the closing of the EquityPitcher Venture Fund and are in the process of closing several investments simultaneously.

We look forward to another successful year 2020 and wish you all the best for the new decade!

With kind regards,

Hermann & Sascha

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Welcome OnlineDoctor

OnlineDoctor is our newest portfolio company


Gone are the days when you had to wait 3 months for your appointment with the dermatologist. The OnlineDoctor skin check platform offers fast, location-independent and cost-effective a specialist's assessment. In four out of five cases, a physical visit to the doctor is no longer necessary afterwards.

OnlineDoctor has closed the Series A financing round was announced. EquityPitcher supports this together with forty:one and Startfeld.


The founders of OnlineDoctor from left to right Paul Scheidegger, Tobias Wolf and Philipp Wustrow

We first became aware of OnlineDoctor at the Investor Summit in Liechtenstein. The participation resulted from this first contact. "OnlineDoctor could convince with different points. Patients and doctors alike benefit from using the platform. Innovative technology is used which enables an uncomplicated and high-quality service. At the same time, the data is protected at all times using the latest encryption technology.say the founders of EquityPitcher.


The platform is becoming increasingly well known. More than 70 Swiss dermatologists are currently connected to the OnlineDoctor network. The funds received are used for Expansion to Austria and Germany, as well as the extend of cooperation projects with regional hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies.

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Welcome AirConsole

We are pleased to welcome AirConsole, a worldwide leading platform for casual gamesin our portfolio. With the successful completion of the Series-A financing round of CHF 3 millions the startup now plans to extend the AirConsole content library to AndroidTV and to build partnerships with TV operators and manufacturers worldwide. Funds were provided by EquityPitcher, Ringier Ventures, Swiss Founders Fund, Alpana Ventures and Swiss ICT Investor Clubs (SICTIC).

Founders of AirConsole from left to right Rafael Morgan, Andrin von Rechenberg, Alice Ruppert, Francois Weber

The number of gamers worldwide is currently growing by 360 players every minute and the Megatrend "Digital Casual Gaming" still predicts great growth opportunities. EquityPitcher and the co-investors see a huge potential, as TV set-top box providers are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and stay in the market.

AirConsole turns any laptop or AndroidTV into a video game console. Smartphones are used as gamepads without the need to download software or use additional hardware. In the last four years, more than 150 games have been designed by more than 4,000 game developers worldwide. During the same period AirConsole has created a community with five million players and is generally considered the "Netflix for games".. In 2019 alone, players from more than 180 countries played more than one million hours of games through airconsole.com.

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Financinground Xatena

Our portfolio company Xatena reaches a transaction volume of over CHF 60M and closes a new financing round.

Xatena has been able to convince further investors with its positive operating development. EquityPitcher has already participated in the 2018 financing round and is participating in this round again. Together with further Investors could collectively provide CHF 1.5 M . The new capital will be used for further market capturing- especially the first crossboarder activities in the German market  as well as for the further development and optimization of platform functionalities and database .


Xatena is the Leading B2B-Platform in the healthcare segment.The web-based B2B market platform is experiencing a steady growth in transactions via the platform. Within a very short time, the number of companies on the B2B platform tripled. While in October 2018 already over 100 registered suppliers were present on Xatena, in June 2019 Xatena counted over 350 suppliers. Also the buying companies has developed. They raised from 11 to 20 very rapidly.Xatena is characterised by the digitalisation and automation of processes. From the hospital to the individual practice, medical service providers can use devices, furniture, medical and household goods as well as services invite tenders, request and evaluate structured offers.

We are looking forward to the future and further cooperation

Financing round: RightNow

Trivago founders join our portfolio company

Under the umbrella of the RightNow Group, Europe's leading provider in the field of consumer factoring is currently being created. The Düsseldorf-based company specializes in buying legal claims from consumers that they themselves cannot enforce or can only enforce at great expense.

Now the founders of Trivago have stepped in. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the investment. The value of the company has tripled within one year.

In 2016 RightNow launched the portal Geld-fuer-Flug.de, and in 2018 the offer was expanded to include rail travel and accident compensation. Today the group employs almost 30 people and has just moved into new headquarters. With the new financial resources the company will now be able to push ahead with its internationalisation and further expand its product range.

Young man traveler jumps on a background of mountain raising arms to the sky

Smart Fundraising

Sooner or later, every start-up company finds itself in a situation where more capital is needed for the further development of the company. In the first quarter of 2019, CHF 341M has already been invested in Swiss start-ups. From our own experience we share the most important points a start-up should consider when it comes to attracting investors and closing a successful financing round.


Addressing suitable investors correctly

There are a large number of venture capital firms and their focus is different. Each investor has its own investment criteria. It is therefore essential to address the characteristics and needs correctly, to identify your target audience correctly and to respond to their needs in a targeted manner. In which areas and industries do you invest? How large are the investments? In which phases are investments made? Who is the right contact person?

"A decisive factor in every financing round is preparation. This should start early enough. Before approaching investors, one should know the conditions, so that a more targeted approach can be taken." – Roger Meier, Roomz

Network and Relations

The Cold Calling with investors is hard and often does not lead to the desired success. Recognised networks can be used to increase the level of awareness. The common points of contact help to get into the field of vision of investors and leave a first impression. This works best through qualitative recommendations. During previous financing rounds, an ecosystem has often already been established which can be actively used again. Most key stakeholders are happy to help, increase the reach and build trust, especially if they are well-known industry experts.

Partnership before Brand

Obtaining funding is one side of the coin, gaining a valuable partner is the other. Fundraising is about more than just capital. It is about choosing the right investor who actively helps to achieve the goals set. A due diligence of potential investors helps to identify the really suitable investors.

„Smart Capital und ein relevantes Netzwerk sind ein Sprungbrett in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft. Durch das Netzwerk von EquityPitcher konnte Dr. Ole Wiesinger als Verwaltungsrat für Xatena gewonnen werden. Dr. Ole Wiesinger war über zehn Jahre CEO der Privatklinikgruppe Hirslanden.“ – Andreas Heizmann, Xatena


After fundraising is before fundraising. If the contact was successful, it is important to keep the promise and to maintain a regular exchange. Investors want to be sure that agreed goals are achieved. The trust that has been built up helps in the successful further development and also in further financing rounds.

"It is important to transfer the lessons and experience gained from each completed financing round to the next financing round and to start the next financing round early, i.e. without time pressure". – Benno Marbach, Guuru

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Come together 2019

With more than 100 guests, the equity pitcher "Come together 2019" was a thoroughly successful evening. 

In the foreground of the EquityPitcher "Come together" is the mutual Exchange between the EquityPitcher network and the portfolio companies. We are very pleased that this year again interesting and helpful contacts for our startups have been established.

We'd like to thank all guests, startups as well as the panel participants for the great evening. It is great to have people in our EquityPitcher family who support us and share our goals, values and motivation. A special thank you goes to Prof. Thomas Schmittwhich, with a short presentation, provided the impetus for the highlight of the evening, where Bruno Sauter, Adrian Gautschi and Philippe Hänggi a top-class panel discussed on the topic "The importance of the growing asset class venture capital for the Swiss economy", gegeben hat.

The central insight of the evening was: The importance of venture capital is growing and is well on the way to establishing itself as a respected asset class. This insight and the positive feedback show that we are on the right track with our philisophy and the Initiation of our second find, can look positively into the future!

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EquityPitcher @The Startup Show

Our founders Hermann and Sascha had the pleasure to talk with Cédric Bollag in the "Startup Show" about various interesting topics. The resulting video provides insights behind the scenes of EquityPitcher.

Among other things, the interview deals with the structured construction of a diversified portfolio
and the initiation of our second venture capital fund In addition, you can learn more about the history of EquityPitcher, our network and the selection process with the applied screening criteria.

Herzlichen Dank an Cédric Bollag.